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Now you are finally six months pregnant. And your baby is getting new features like he is in development stage.

Now that you’re 6 weeks pregnant, your little one is developing new features. This week’s most significant milestone: The neural tube begins to shut over what is going to become your baby’s neural structure.There’s more! This week small folds of tissue are developing into what is going to eventually become your very little one’s chin, cheeks, and jaw. The areas which will be the eyes and nose have begun to project as bumps, whereas the ear structure is pushing inward.

The heart tube is bit by bit growing into four primitive chambers and starts to beat a lot of often than last week, sort of a small drum. Alternative major organs, like the kidneys and liver, also are setting out to spring. The lungs every exist as one tube and can kind pouch-like structures. They’ll still blossom over subsequent few months to urge prepared for your very little one’s initial breath of air.

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