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Congratulations! It’s the 4th week while you are pregnant. It’s the time when you found that your periods are missed and you can ensure the reason behind your missed periods by having a pregnancy test at home. If a pregnancy test shows positive result, then there is good news for you that you are pregnant. Now it’s the right time to start planning about your baby and about your own health and extra-special care.

Now, the new life inside you is growing. It will take some time for you to being adjusted. The fertilized egg is inserted into the uterus and rapidly divides into different layers of cells and becomes embryo at some point. The layers of cell will grow into different parts of developing fetus like skeleton, muscles, organs, skin and nervous system. A placenta begins to form which is like a disk organ that connects the body system to that of developing fetus and begins to form and attaches to the uterine wall where the egg is being lodged. The fetus has formed a neural tube at 4th week.

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