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Your symptoms within the second month of your physiological condition are going to be kind of like the previous month. These embrace fatigue, nausea, dizziness, frequent excretion, food cravings or aversions, and mood swings. You may now not relish the style of alcohol or the smell of smoke that is nice, as a result of these substances may be harmful to your growing baby. Your breasts can still become larger, your nipples are going to be a lot of outstanding, and little nodules might seem on the areola that is that the dark space closes the nipples.
You may begin to develop a couple of alternative symptoms this month. You will have a small white discharge. Increasing secretion levels might cause you to develop inflammatory disease. Some women, on the opposite hand, notice that their skin clears up toward the tip of the month, leading to that known physiological condition “glow.” Your hair is also less manageable. You may have a chronic stuffy nose, which can be eased with the employment of a humidifier.

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